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Water Resource Planning
Analysis and reporting of available water resources and potential irrigation requirements. Determine on-site storage capacity and recharge rates and make recommendations based on anticipated demand.

Existing Irrigation System Evaluation
Complete audit of existing irrigation system including gathering of water-use data and testing of all system components. Water requirements and system efficiency are determined and recommendations for changes are presented along with cost estimates.

Preliminary Planning Services
Preparation of preliminary head layout and pipe routing based on course topography, turfgrass types, environmental and unique on-site conditions. This plan is created in close conjunction with the Golf Course Superintendent and develops over the course of numerous on-site visits. Preliminary cost estimates are presented at this time.

Final Plans and Specifications
Upon approval of preliminary drawings, a comprehensive final design package is created. This package includes the piping network with hydraulic analysis, electrical design, system programming and pump station design. All necessary construction details are included as well as complete specifications and bid documents.

Construction Management
Proper construction management is critical to the success of the project. Being involved from start to finish assures that the work is completed on time and on budget and meets the highest industry standards.. Pre-bid and pre-construction meetings are coordinated followed by bid review and contractor selection. During construction, recurring site visits are scheduled for material approval, staking and field layout, as well as installation inspection. A punchlist is then created from a final walkthrough to assure that the final product exceeds our client's expectations.

Record Drawings
Preparation of digital Record Drawings which include all golf course features, irrigation and/or drainage components as well as any additional items the client desires, such as trees, utilities, etc. The data can be compiled using either sub-meter or sub-centimeter equipment depending on the clubs needs and future plans. If requested, the data can be compiled into a GIS database and customized for the club's use.

Control System Programming
An appropriately programmed and managed central control system is an integral part of proper turfgrass management. Interactive images for use by the central controller are created after completion of the final record drawings. At this time the final programming and scheduling is created in conjunction with the Golf Course Superintendent and staff.